This policy set out rules and details pertaining to product shipping and delivery. Read this policy before placing any orders. By placing any orders you are hereby agreed to be governed by these shipping terms and conditions. This policy applies to both international and local shipments.


We ship products to local destinations as well as international destinations. We use Saudi Post as our shipping service provider and please check Saudi post website to check rates, delivery destinations and number of days for delivery. If Saudi post doesn’t deliver products to your country please contact us at

Saudi post website;

We charge a fee of $20 for the first product and 10$ for any extra product you purchase from us. The fee is charged independent of the delivery fee charged by Saudi post. This fee is charged to cover costs related to processing, parcelling and delivery administration.

Once you placed an order we do everything to ship products as soon as possible. Nonetheless, depending on the availability of stocks, it will take 2 -5 days processing period prior to shipment. As soon as we send the product for our shipping service provider, from our factory we will send you an email.

We take no responsibility whatsoever caused due to your negligence when furnishing us your details (e.g. Name, address, Country). Every shipment will be done as per the details you have furnished to us through the customer details form. Please fill the form and double check details, before placing an order.

Generally, the delivery will reach you within 7-15 days (including processing and transit time period). Nonetheless, number of days taken for delivery will depend on number of factors including but not limited to, delivery destination, weather condition, strikes, wars, international conflicts, natural or manmade disasters and other acts of god. As all these conditions are not within our control, we take no responsibility. Nonetheless, if the product was not delivered within a reasonable period please contact us at

We take responsibility for any damages taken place while processing and parcelling. If your product is damaged when it reaches you, please contact us. You may request a refund (we may refund the cost of the product and shipping fee charged for the delivery) or a new product from the same pair of sandals, provided that you are ready to return the product and bear return costs including shipping fees.

In case you want to return the product due to sandals size, comfortableness, dislike or any other reason except damaged product, the customer shall bear the delivery, shipping expenses and costs related to return the product to us.  

For more details regarding refund and returns, please read our return policy or contact us at


We accept card and online money transfers. You may use online transfer services, including PayPal to transfer money. Please note that there will be a processing or administrative fee charged by your online money transfer service provider. We are neither aware about the rates nor responsible for rates involving money transfers. 


We are not responsible for any import tariffs, VAT, duty charges, custom fee or any other clearance charges and permission required when importing products (Leather Sandals) to your country. The buyer shall pay and take necessary approvals, if required. Please contact relevant authorities of your country for any further details regarding import permissions and tariffs. 


We may notify you if there’s any change in this policy or on the occurrence of any incident that affects your order. Please read this page before placing the order.

Please read our Privacy Policy to know how we collect, control and process your personal information.

Please note that other than this policy you will be subjected to the policies of our shipping service provider, and other laws and regulations implemented by the government when ordering products. This website or our products shall not be used for any other purpose other than the intended purpose.   


For more details and/or clarifications contact us at